Level 2/3 Flight Training Device of the Mi- 8MTV / 17 helicopter

Digital technologies
Modern software developed on valid flight test data
Certified by SAA of Ukraine
Meets European CS FSTD requirements

Why our Flight Training Device?

  • The lowest price of the simulator and one hour of its operation
  • A clear and understandable system of initial and periodic qualification tests
  • Support during certification
  • Simplicity of current operation
  • High level of training of flight crews according to Part FCL standards
  • Full technical documentation
  • Operation of all components under current condition
  • Weather effects, simulation of extreme operating conditions and weather phenomena, including: adjustment of the cloud base and flight visibility
  • Imitation of:
    • increased turbulence
    • wind shear
    • wind shadow
    • ascending and descending flows
    • aerodynamic vibrations
    • sand, dust, snow and water vortices
    • precipitations (snow, rain, hailstones)
  • Any radio engineering and landscape navigation modeling
  • Modeling of the ground and air conditions of the airport and on the route
  • Training for MCC, CRM and LOFT
  • Procedures for normal, abnormal, and emergency operation on the ground and in flight, as provided by the Flight Operation Manual of helicopters
    Mi-8MTV / 17
  • Training programs that include the session principle of training
  • Technological functions "Reposition" and "Position Freeze"
  • Current registration of trainings, possibility of archiving of any registration records