Authorized to carry out training for:

1. Applicants for the license issue (for approved Training Courses):

1.1. Air Transport (Theoretical curse) and Commercial pilots ( helicopter) Training Course;

1.2. Private Pilots (helicopter) Training Course;

2. License holders for rating issue:

2.1. Helicopter type rating:

2.1.1. Single engine piston land: Robinson 22, Robinson 44, Schweizer 300C (Hughes HU269) and their variants;

2.1.2. Single engine turbine land: Robinson 66, Bell-206, Bell-407, AS-350/350B3 "Ecureuil", EC120 "Colibri", EC130B4 and their variants;

2.1.3. Multi engine turbine land: Mil-2, Ka-32, AS355, A 109, AW 109, AW 139, Bell-427, EC-145 (BK-117), EC-155, and their variants;

2.1.4. Multi engine multi crew turbine land: Mi-8, and variants;

2.2. Pilot instructors LI, FI, IRI, TRI, CRI, SFI Training Course;

3. Other training:

3.1. Crew Members Recurrent, Refresher Training Course;

3.2 Instructors Recurrent, Refresher Training Course;

3.3. Ground instructors Training Course (GI) Training;

3.4. Instructors Training Course Crew Resource Management (CRMI);

3.5. Instructors Training Course Multi-Crew Co-operation (MCCI);

3.6. Initial and Recurrent and Refresher Training Course for Pilot-Watcher ;

3.7. Emergency and Safety Equipment Training Course and Fire-Fighting Training on fire¬fighting, first medical aid and emergency evacuation for Flight Crew and other Aviation Personnel;

3.8. Pilots on Multi-Crew Co-operation (MCC) for approved Training Courses;

3.9. Initial, Recurrent Crew Resource Management (CRM) Training Courses;

3.10. Flight Crew Radiotelephony Initial, Recurrent Training Courses (English language) and Initial and Recurred Training Course for International Flights;

3.11. Determining the appropriate level of English according to ICAO scale;

3.12. Flight Crew from other Departments Training Course for Civil Aviation Flights;

3.13. Examiners FE, IRE, FIE, TRE, CRE, SFE Training Course;

3.14. Dangerous Goods Awareness Initial and Recurrent Training Course (Flight Crew and other Aviation Personal);